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As an ex-athlete, I injured my knees and my back several times. As a result, I have been to several doctors, chiropractors and physical therapists all around the world with some success, but was still suffering from some pretty noticeable pain daily…. In 2015, I have met Darlene from Nadkof Physiotherapy…the thing that most impressed me with her and the services they offer is that I really feel like they care about getting me better. Many times, I feel like doctors are not paying attention and their treatment feels like a one size fits all approach. Not so with Nadkof Physiotherapy! Nadkof Physiotherapy is very professional and customer centric. The best part of every session is at the beginning and end, they would go over how I felt and what my goals were.… I have never seen that kind of attention to detail of movements for physical therapy before! I am really grateful for the increasing wellness value that I continuously receive from them especially Darlene. I travel extensively and wherever I might be, I always look forward to coming back to Ghana to get work done on my musculoskeletal pain or discomfort. And the reason has always been Nadkof Physiotherapy! Thank you Nadkof Physiotherapy for helping me get back healthy and fulfill my call.
Jean-Jacques B.
In 2018, I sprained my ankle, I went to an orthopedic doctor and the pain management center at Korlebu Teaching Hospital. Both recommended seeing a Physiotherapist. I looked up different options online and asked around, but the Doctor at Korlebu recommended Nadkof. He said Darlene is really good. I thought it was fate because I had seen the Nadkof billboard at my junction and after looking them up, they are located only 10 minutes away from me. I made an appointment for Darlene's next available appointment. The phone assistant was very professional and gave me an appointment time and fees I should expect to pay. Although it had been 2 months since my injury, Darlene took her time and asked me what happened, she allowed me to explain and did a thorough examination. She then explained what her course of action would be and why she chose that treatment, showed me charts on what muscles I hurt, how my ankle was compensating to carry me and how I even stood differently. I was blown away, She Is Really Amazing!!! She started the treatment and honestly touched on all my pain areas. She touched on muscles that I didn't even realize were impacted. I was impressed by her professionalism, knowledge, calm demeanor and willingness to listen and ask for clarification. Before our session ended, she suggested some exercises and stretches that truly made a difference. In my subsequent appointments, even when I got frustrated about my healing, she gently reminded me that we are trying to heal an injury that happened months before I came in for treatment, that although, it seems daunting, I should be kinder to myself and it would be get better. She was right; with some patience, exercise and physiotherapy, my ankle healed. I was able to get back into my active sports. In 2021, I sprained my rotator cuff. This time, I called Nadkof Physiotherapy right away. As usual, the staff is professional. They targeted my problem area and really worked hard to get me back to my active sports. During this recent injury, I also got to work with the other wonderful Physiotherapists at Nadkof. They are all well trained professionals with fantastic bedside manners and a great sense of humor. I have been impressed from the very first day to my recent experience. They are dedicated to their patients care, they follow up, check in and remind you of upcoming appointments. On a rare occasion, I have even seen support staff helping a patient to watch her baby while she was getting her treatment because the nanny was unwell. They are truly going the extra mile. (I wouldn't recommend bringing your child 😂) I have highly recommended Nadkof Physiotherapy to friends and colleagues. They were all impressed and gave glowing reviews of Nadkof and went on to recommend them to their network. If you, your family or friends are looking for experienced Physiotherapists with a wealth of knowledge, skills and dedicated to Your well-being, I would look no further than Nadkof Physiotherapy. You'd be in the best hands. Binta
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