In your bid to keep a healthy weight , get back to your pre pregnancy weight, keep your thinking, learning and judgment skills sharp, you will want to be looking at a good exercise program. At nadkof Physiotherapy, we encourage an exercise program which is tailored to the individuals needs, paying attention to health, biomechanical and work challenges of our clients. We also have a system where patients who visit with certain chronic diseases are taken through rehabilitation. Exercise programs at nadkof Physiotherapy in cooperates the three most important aspects in rehabilitation which is strength, balance and flexibility, whilst paying attention to aerobic, Core strength training with peri and post natal exercises. Our experienced physiotherapists take you through biomechanical assessment and come up with with recommendations. The Physiotherapist together with the client and the gym instructor plans a program suited to the needs of the client. So if you are looking at a good workout regimen, specifically tailored with you and your body in mind, then look no further than Nadkof physiotherapy fitness and rehabilitation gyms.

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