Darlene Marfo

Darlene Marfo profile As the founder and chief executive officer of nadkof physiotherapy and wellness center, I have been very passionate and strongly committed to my call to being a Physiotherapist who brings out the best of my profession to my world. 

I acquired a first degree in physiotherapy in university of ghana. And did further post graduate studies with university of bath in the United Kingdom where I acquired much knowledge in sports physiotherapy which helped to transform my practice, and leveraged my technical abilities as it is likened to the world’s standards.

I have gained an all together of about 6 years of practice experience in sports physiotherapy by virtue of my being with the Ghanaian women's football teams.

This exposure also widened my tolerance to people of different cultures and backgrounds, assisting me with the ability to understand culteral diversities in my practice. In addition to this, is the rich experience gained in working 10 years with the level 3 hospital of the ministry of defence; 37 military hospital. Where I managed conditions of myriad diversities. My dream has been to provide the best of physiotherapy care, whilst creating an awareness of better and healthier lifestyles. This I have pursued in practice with my team members by giving out world's best physiotherapy practices, organizing and delivering public lectures to churches, sports teams and other social groups.

I am seeking to be the Physiotherapist who comes to mind always as I walk with you the path of overcoming the bodies limitations in physical health. Meet Darlene Marfo, the very passionate physiotherapist, who takes a lot of pleasure in seeing her clients overcome their health conditions.

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