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At Nadkof Physiotherapy our focus is to bring smile back to our patients thus we use latest techniques in treatment such as trigger point release, manual therapy, PNF techniques, kinesiology taping, exercise therapy, active release techniques, lymphatic drainage and many more; to address pain, improve mobility and ultimately restore function. Many of the conditions which need physiotherapy interventions are as a result of poor functioning of the neuromusculoskeletal system, and at Nadkof physiotherapy, we believe that a restoration of proper functioning of certain systems in the human body will ameliorate most of these problems.

The use of bobath techniques in the rehabilitation of our pediatrics who have suffered cerebral palsy and other neuro developmental problems is also one area which puts us above other physiotherapy centers in the country. We have given hope back to many parents whose children suffer from diverse delicate pediatric conditions by attaining various developmental milestones which otherwise were not achieved.

In the management of strokes and paralysis, our physiotherapists are well trained in the use of PNF and the most advanced and evidence based techniques in stroke rehabilitation to ensure adequate recovery of function and restoration of the highest quality of life as possible.

Our vision as a health facility is to be a leader in the area of private health care delivery in Ghana and Africa as far as physiotherapy, sports rehabilitation and complete wellness is concerned.

Our mission is to provide an excellent physiotherapy and other allied health services like diet therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy that lead to the complete wellness of all, both in the short and long term. Based on this vision and mission, we have been able to put together the best human resource in these fields that you can find in Ghana, as the engine to propel us to achieve the purpose. Here our teams of specialists are ready with joy to help patients regain adequate functions holistically, thus our mantra; ‘Your Reawakening Destination’ has and continues to make meaning to our patients.

Our passion for the Ghanaian workforce is ensuring a reduction in injuries sustained at the work place. This has also pushed us to impact knowledge to individuals, groups and corporate institutions about life styles, postures and workplace habits which help to achieve a better state of health and wellness. Thus we have an excellent outreach department that has organizes seminars and lectures for this purpose. Our center has been invited by institutions like Ecobank to give lectures to staff on work related injuries and preventions. Many television and radio station regularly invites our center to educate the public on physiotherapy and wellness issues.

Hard work and high standards set since we started business has attracted us to clients from Ghana and many other foreign nationalities. Currently we have clients from United States of America, Europe and other African countries who are very happy to be part of us because they are able to receive the kind of quality treatment they are used to, from all around the world. Our center has also received a lot of referrals from very high ranked health centers like DeYale Sports Centre, 37 Military Hospital, Focus Orthopaedic Hospital, Korle bu Teaching Hospital, Ghana Canada medical Centre, Del International Hospital and many others over the period .

Our center also boast of high class massage center. Come experience our range of massage techniques such as Swedish, Hot stone, Aromatherapy, Deep tissue, trigger point, Sports and Prenatal. We also have a Public gym where many come to exercise regularly using high standard gym equipment and well trained instructors. We also have a private gym where individual and families can come and exercise in the comfort of their privacy with personal gym instructors.

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