Speech Therapy

Speech therapists or language pathologists are people who are specialized in the evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of communication, voice and swallowing disorders. They are specialized in managing children with problems like dyslexia, dyspraxia and auditory processing disorders.
Adults who have defective communication and other language related problems through apraxia, dysarthria, stuttering, aphasia, dementia and other conditions also benefit from the therapies of speech and language pathologists.

speech therapy helps with peoblems of language fluency, articulatuon, oral feeding and resonance voice problems.

At nadkof physiotherapy, our therapists figure out what language problems a patient has, determines what is causing it and decides on the best treatment. The use of intervention strategies directed at individual challenges is one peculiar way of managing our clients.
Such strategies as language intervention activities, articulation therapy, feeding and swallowing therapy form a part of our interventions for taking care of our patients problems.

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