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At NADKOF our focus is to bring smile back to our patients thus we use latest techniques in treatment such as trigger point release, manual therapy, PNF techniques, kinesiology taping, exercise therapy, active release techniques, lymphatic drainage and many more
“At Nadkof our vision is to be the leading private health institution in Ghana and Africa in the area of Physiotherapy, sports rehabilitation and complete wellness.”

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Hard work and high standards set since we started business has attracted us to clients from Ghana and many other foreign nationalities. Currently we have clients from United States of America, Europe and other African countries who are very happy to be part of us because they are able to receive the kind of quality treatment they are used to, from all around the world.

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Many of the conditions which need physiotherapy interventions are as a result of poor functioning of the neuromusculoskeletal system, and at Nadkof physiotherapy, we believe that a restoration of proper functioning of certain systems in the human body will ameliorate most of these problems.