Diet therapy

Diet therapy focuses on the practical application of nutrition in the prevention, treatment and
management of nutrition related medical conditions by a Registered Dietician. All upper and
lower gastrointestinal disorders, acute and chronic renal diseases, nephrotic syndrome, pre,
post and peri-renal disorders, hepatitis, liver failure, alcoholic and non-alcoholic liver disease,
cirrhosis, portal hypertension, stroke, burns, gout, metabolic syndrome, weight management,
failure to thrive, pancreatitis, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, dyslipidaemia,
hypercholesterolemia, HIV / AIDS, in-born errors of metabolism and malnutrition are
amongst cases that require diet therapy.
At Nadkof Physiotherapy and Wellness Center, our well-equipped Registered Dietician does
not only focus on the assessment of client’s nutritional status but also screen for potential
risks. Formulating, planning and implementing appropriate therapeutic diets is discussed with
clients/ patients based on their medical/lab results and physical conditions in accordance with
general dietetic standards and rules. The total wellbeing of clients is our topmost priority
therefore we go the extra mile to educate and counsel comprehensively on the physiology of
medical conditions with its nutritional implications. Diet therapy is not to impose dietary
changes but involves the modification of existing dietary lifestyle to promotes optimum