About 2 million deaths per year are linked to physical inactivity.  A sedentary lifestyle is as harmful as smoking. Please exercise as often as possible. Thanks

Studies show sitting for long hours kills even if you exercise. Please take a break from sitting. Thank you.

Avoid long hours hunched over your phone; you may strain your neck muscles. Maintain a neutral spine as much as possible. Thank you.

To maintain the normal curve of the spine when driving for long hours, keep a small rolled towel or lumbar roll at the lower back. Thank you.

The proper way of lifting an object from the floor; squat, bend at the knee and draw the object close to you. Do not bend at the back. Thank you.

To practise a good sitting posture, the back should be straight with the buttocks in contact with the back of the chair. Thank you.

Tendons may become inflamed and painful due to repetitive hand motions like typing. You should take small breaks from such actions. Thank you.

Bending at the waist to lift heavy objects may increase the risk of vertebral disc protrusion. Try to seek help with heavy objects. Thank you.

Pushing loads is preferable to pulling. This is because minimal stress is placed on the back muscles since they do less work than in pulling. Thank you.

Recognizing stroke symptoms FAST; F-Facial drooping, A-Arm weakness, S-Speech difficulty and T-Time to seek emergency medical care. Thank you.

Seek early physiotherapy treatment with back pain that radiates into the legs. Ignoring it can lead to paralysis and loss of sensation. Thank you.

Hypertension; the “silent killer” has no signs and symptoms. Monitor your blood pressure often to know your status. Thank you.

High cholesterol levels double the risk of heart diseases. Adults should have their cholesterol levels checked at least every 5 years. Thank you.

Headaches can result from a head bent posture in sitting due to reduced blood flow to the head. Please remember to sit upright often. Thank you.

Daily high heel use over years can cause spinal vertebrae to slip over another. Avoid wearing heels for long periods. Thank you.

Seek physiotherapy help for an osteoarthritic joint to make the joint work better and reduce pain. Without treatment, it gets worse. Thank you.

Seek physiotherapy following a musculoskeletal injury early to stop its progress into more of an issue later on. Thank you.

Physiotherapy can offer a positive approach to living and create independency after stroke. Activity is vital in this condition. Thank you.

Balance is vital in preventing falls. Challenge your balance regularly by standing for a few seconds on one leg; left and right. Thank you.

If your work demands a prolonged static position like sitting behind the computer, take 2mins every 30mins to move or stretch. Thank you.

Obesity is a common preventable cause of death & diseases. Visit NADKOF Physiotherapy for weight loss programmes to achieve a healthy weight. Thank you.

Physiotherapy is extremely helpful in osteoarthritis (OA) management. Staying as active as possible is important in OA. Thank you.

Evidence suggests bed rest is harmful to back pain. See a physiotherapist to advise on the right level of activity for you. Thank you.

Visit NADKOF Physiotherapy where the relevant factors causing your back pain will be identified & treated to relieve your pain. Thank you.

Carrying of heavy bags over one shoulder can be harmful. It places undue stresses on the spine. Thank you.

Avoiding one’s home program can impede progress. Please follow your physiotherapy home programs to bring desired results faster. Thank you.

Physiotherapy is highly successful when patient & therapist work together. Please don’t forget to adhere to advice given & home programs. Thank you.


Thank you for adhering to your home program/exercises, but always remember to stretch out (warm up) before exercising to prevent injury and make workouts much effective.

Did you know poor neck posture during long hours of texting on your phone/tab can result in neck/shoulder pains and tension in the neck and shoulder? Always remember to keep your head up, neck and trunk straight whiles texting.

Most people tend to slouch when sitting on a stool or chair without back rest, please remember to keep your back straight while sitting.

Stretching out in the morning after a good rest is very beneficial. It improves your posture, reduces pains and aches and increases blood flow to all body parts.

Exercising plays a key role in healthy living, but may be detrimental if wrongly done. It is always safer to exercise under the supervision of a physiotherapist.

Habitual wrong body postures result in injury, and eventually pain and activity limitations.

Are you having pains in your joints or muscles? See a physiotherapist for assessment and treatment and possible advice to alleviate your pain.

Put a pillow or a rolled-up towel at your lower back, just above your buttock while sitting or driving to keep your back in a correct posture.

Do you slouch while standing or sitting? Always remember to keep an upright posture with the shoulders slightly rolled back.

Big toe pains usually occur as a result of wearing tight fitting foot wears. Foot wears should have wider tips. Children’s foot ware should be replaced as soon as they out grow it.